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Three views of the Tentative Agreement Vote

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on January 9, 2010

Johnson claims he had nothing to do with the votiong process, except casting his vote. What you don’t see in this video is that he proudly declared that he wrote the coercive language on the ballot threatening an imposition of a 10% pay cut or declaration of bankruptcy by the district because he felt obligated to warn the teachers. Unfortunately, (or conveniently for Johnson) Tell Us Detroit decided to edit the footage of Keith Johnson just before he said this. Not only did he write this language, clearly violating union bylaws( Article VI, Section 5c),  but did not even let the election committee or executive board see it before it was sent out, and refused to produce the questionable ballot when requested by members of the election committee at a general membership meeting.   He also agressively verbally threatened election committee members during the ballot count, getting in the face of one member and sneering, “You do what you do!”

In the video, Bobb says the DFT membership studied the new contract carefully. In reality, the vast majority of teachers did not even receive a copy of the tentative agreement to review, despite requests to have it posted on the DFT website. Those of us who did receive a copy at the Cobo Hall meeting were supposed to be able to ask questions and have them answered. However, Johnson adjounred the meeting after discussing only the Termination Incentive Program and health care changes, with no time for discussion or questions on the Priority Schools provisions which allow the district to take over any school, terminate teachers as they please, destroy teacher seniority,  and open DPS up to privatization. 

The result of the ratification Bobb describes as a “strong vote of confidence” in the DFT leadership was actually the result of bullying and fear tactics.


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  1. weilunion said, on April 10, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    Johnson is a very satiated and starry-eyed promoter with his jaundiced eye on higher positions of power. He can and never will be trusted and has been ‘outed’ for who he is.

    The problem is the rancid public affairs coddling he does with Bobb and the community and this must be circles for what it is: self-promotion. So while the argument is: stop social promotion, this does not seem to apply to Johnson, only kids and teachers.

    See the newest article on ‘Jamal’ and his efforts organzing four high schools for the April 10th event in Washington D.C. at

    There is also coverage of the killing spree of Michelle Rhee.

    Also, look at the article on the Charter school in mobbed-up New Jersey that refuses to release public information. They are being sued by a courageous citizen and it is an article you will want to read for it gives you a glimpse into the nightmarish futiure being proposed as “Jerry’s Kids”.

    Best and thank you for your struggles. Jamal will be back Saturday the 12th and next week he will write an article for from the point of view of a Detroit student struggling for a better education and better life.

    Best and in solidarity

    Danny Weil

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