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Teachers file lawsuit to protect wages

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on January 11, 2010

Lawyer George Washington  filed suit today on behalf of the first fourteen of the 7000 teachers, counselors, and other school employees whose rights were violated by the  contract negotiated between Robert Bobb and Keith Johnson.

Teachers will see the first of 40 $250 deductions on their paycheck  tomorrow.  This deduction amounts to an illegal loan to the district, violating the Michigan Payment of Wages Act of 1978.  The total deduction of $10,000 is part of the Termination Incentive Plan included in the recent agreement.

Also included is a provision to pay teachers back $1000 per year up to ten years only after they resign or retire. Teachers who are laid off will not get it back, and if the district files bankruptcy as it threatens, none of us will.  This is what AFT Pres. Randi Weingarten referred to as a “bonus” in her full-page ad in the NY Times, “Detroit Teaches America a Valuable Lesson” . This is no bonus, this is theft. But Weingarten is right, Detroit is teaching America a valuable lesson. We are teaching her, and Robert Bobb, and anyone who thinks we will quietly sit by and let them push their agenda through that DFT is not a bank and our students are not for sale.  We will not simply let Robert Bobb steal from our paychecks to hire more consultants and management firms and turn DPS into a two-tiered charterized system.


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