Defend Public Education


Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on February 3, 2010

Students, educators and concerned citizens rallied tonight in Lansing to protest the budget cuts and move to privatize education and demand fair, equal, quality public education for all.

A Parent group met at Chapelle School in Ypsilanti to protest the planned closing of their school and mass teacher layoffs. Here’s an excerpt from their flyer:

We reject the lie that “there is no money” for public education, when Wall Street bankers and the Pentagon get trillions. We are calling for united and independent action of the entire working class—parents, teachers, bus drivers, staff, students, and residents in school districts throughout the region. We did not create the crisis and we should not be made to pay for it.  If we accept these cuts, more will come next year. What is left in 2010 wil be in the crosshairs in 2011. Where will it end? We must defend the fundamental right to public education, or it too will be taken away from us.
We say: No more! No cuts! No closures! Ypsilanti workers united for the way forward!

THURSDAY FEB 4TH: Detroit Teachers rally with city and county workers Downtown Detroit 4:30 PM from Coleman A Young Municipal Center to the The Guardian Building (Wanye Co. offices)

THURSDAY FEB 11th: DFT Membership meeting, members to hold recall vote of President Johnson

MARCH 4th: National Day of Action to DEFEND PUBLIC EDUCATION State-wide march in Lansing


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  1. Danny Weil said, on February 26, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    The heroic struggle of Detroit teachers, communities and students muts now touch down in Rhode Island. To see the devastation wrought by neo-liberal economics in Rhode Island please go to

    There, you will also find more on Detroit. Let us show this nation on March 4th what it means to fight for public education while Wall Street gets bonuses and teachers get pink slips!

    Thank you, Detroit your struggles are being broadcast to many other states and we hope you can lead us to a better fight for public education.

    Danny Weil

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