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Fight Unfair Standardized Tests!

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on February 5, 2010

Bobb’s new, illegitimate standardized test is designed to designed to (1) completely disrupt the teaching and learning in our schools, and (2) make every DPS teacher and student appear to be a failure, so that (3) Bobb can then begin completely dismantling our public schools this spring and summer under the completely dishonest guise of “reform.”

The new tests are a reflection of what what we have argued, beginning at the Cobo meeting, is the worst of all the terrible aspects of the new Johnson/Bobb “union contract” — that it is based on the ideology that the teachers are the problems with the schools, and that teachers must be attacked in order to improve education.

Our most effective response to the tests is to complete the removal of Johnson next Thursday, take back control of our union, and use the resources of our union to organize a campaign to expose Bobb and what he is doing to the people of Detroit, and demand the real reforms that will improve education in our schools.

Numerous events in the recent days show that Detroit teachers are part of a growing struggle against the attacks on public education and public services generally — the march by city and county workers this Thursday, the MEA’s refusal to sign the Race to the Top grant, and the refusal of several Detroit suburbs to sign as well. We must take full advantage of this situation and reach out to our allies immediately.

Save our Schools! Save Our Union!

This Saturday, February 6: Our next meeting at 4 pm, 19484 James Couzens, the Gracious Savior Church, take northbound Lodge service drive, north of Seven Mile.
Next Thursday. February 11: 4:15 pm The DFT General Membership vote to Recall Keith Johnson


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