Defend Public Education

DFT Members: Vote Defend Public Education/Save Our Students Slate in Delegate Elections March 8,9,10

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on February 26, 2010

Detroit Teachers!

Vote in your Schools March 8, 9 & 10 for DFT Delegate to the AFT National and Michigan Conventions! 

           1. For video statements from our candidates, go to .  Watch, post comments, and forward the link to other teachers.
           2. See the attached pdf of our campiagn flyer.  Print it, copy it, and pass it out at school.
Vote for the Defend Public Education / Save Our Students Slate  in the Convention Delegate Elections !
Mark the dates—March 8, 9, 10 and 11—in your calendar, because what you do on those days will determine the character of public education for years to come.
On March 8, 9 and 10, DFT members will vote for slates of candidates to represent us at our union’s state and national conventions. On March 11 we will have our next union meeting. If we vote in defense of public education, in defense of our union and our students, this will be the first meeting in which we will break the spell of tyranny and repression that is making us weak and embattled when objectively, we are so strong.
Unlike any other convention delegate election, this election is a referendum on who we are, on who we aspire to be, on what is most important to us, and on our commitment to stand on the truth, on our most important principles and beliefs. This election is an opportunity to defeat the whole right-wing, pro-charter, anti-public school ideology being pushed by virtually every politician and the whole media.
for the complete text of this statement, see the attached pdf file


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