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Defend Public Edcuation/Save our Students slate candidate Christal Bonner turns the tables on Johnson

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on February 28, 2010

Keith Johnson must not have known about Christal when he decided to go after her for speaking out. One of four members charged by Johnson for “disrupting meetings,” Christal had her “informal” meeting with the Prez, who tried to get her to sign a document promising to never “disrupt” again or face suspension or expulsion from the unon.

Rather than the create the fear Johnson was hoping  for, he gave Christal another opportunity to express her wisdom with her powerful words. In her response to his complaint against her, Christal schooled Johnson on the purpose of our Union, eloquently defended her rights as a DFT member, and brilliantly described why teachers continue to stand together to defend our rights, and those of our students.  Those of us at yesterday’s meeting had the privilege of hearing her dramatic reading of her words. Here’s how she began:

“It’s unforfunate that our valuable time and mental energy is reduced to such effoneous tales of wrongdoing  and impropriety. Nonetheless, I will attempt to enlighten you and others of the miscarriage of justice that is being directed my way.  First, let’s take a stroll through history about the purpose of unions.
ln1914,  after great public outcry, the Federal Government passed the Clayton Act which specified, “The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce.” This key legislation opened the door for today’s Unions. Unions are associations of workers who are joined together for the purpose of improving their employment conditions and protecting themselves from economic and legal exploitation. Members of a union should feel free to discuss debate, argue, share ideas, and compromise without being threatened. 

In our  Preamble, it states; “We believe in democracy and in the schools as the chief agency by which democracy is preserved and enriched. We believe that to secure this end, administration must be democratic, not authoritarian or coercive; offer courageous leadership in preparing citizens . . .” 
 Also, in Article IV (meetings), Section l(d),it states, the body by majority vote,may set a special order of business. Moreover, Article IV (meetings), Section 3, states Roberts’ Rulesof Order shall be considered the authority for conducting meetings. Therefore, in the spirit of  our Preamble and the above stated Articles and sections, I was within my rights to express myself in those meetings on December 10, January 14 and February 11. During the January 23,  Building Representative Workshop, I was within my rights to question the validity of the format…




…In conclusion, I contend, Mr. Johnson, that your continued acts of creating your own rules and ignoring the Constitution and Bylaws of this Local, is destroying the union.  It is a great debauchery and mockery of the great leaders who preceded you.  Additionally, the purpose and intent of a union is being darkened by your reign of terror.  Further proof of your out of touch behavior can be summed up by your own comments on December 18, 2009.  You stated; “I run this . . . look at my name on the wall!” 
Read her full response below. 


DFT members can print, sign and submit the following petition in support of Christal and others under attack by Johnson. 

Pledge of Unity and Support  



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