Defend Public Education

Attention Detroit teachers! Unity with the School Board, Unity with Conn and Miller!

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on March 9, 2010


At 3:30 —  Rally outside the Fisher Building to announce the lawsuit against Bobb. 

At 4:15 —  Rally outside the DFT Hall to protest the “trial” of DFT members Conn and Miller

We are winning!  Last night the Detroit Board of Education voted unanimously to sign on to the lawsuit against Robert Bobb’s illegal salary.  We are now very close to kicking Bobb out of Detroit and taking back our public schools.  There will be a rally and press conference in front of the Fisher Building on Tuesday, March 9 at 3:30 pm to announce the lawsuit—all DFT members are encouraged to attend.

It has been a very bad week for Robert Bobb and a great week for us.  Michigan was turned down for the anti-public education, union-busting “Race to the Top” program and the large charter school corporations that Bobb was supposed to lure to Detroit are nowhere to be found.  Also, for the first time in recent memory, all of the layoffs of art, music, and gym teachers had to be rescinded. Detroit teachers now find themselves in a unique alliance with Detroit’s parents and students and the Board against the Duncan/Bobb privatizers.  

It is now time for our union, the Detroit Federation of Teachers, to join that alliance to defend public education, and take back our schools and city. 
It is time for unity within the DFT!     

DFT activists Steve Conn and Heather Miller are proud of the leadership they and others have given Detroit teachers in the fight against the terrible concessions of the contract, including filing Wage Complaints to stop the $250 “TIPS,” and the fight to get rid of Robert Bobb and his anti-public education, anti-union policies.  Miller and Conn have stood up and stood tall in defense of our public schools and our union.  The unjust, internal union charges brought against Miller and Conn must be dropped.  

The rally to defend Conn and Miller is at 4:15 today outside the DFT union hall on West Grand Blvd., and the trial begins at 5:00pm inside.  All DFT members are encouraged to attend and demand an end to the charges and counter-charges within our union! 
By getting the DFT to join the students, parents, community and School Board in the fight to defend public education and take back our schools we must have unity and it must start on Tuesday. 
Defend Public Education/Save Our Students Caucus


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