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Mass Closures of Public Schools, Promotion of Charters Raise Fears of Privatized Detroit Education System

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on April 3, 2010

From Democracy Now Apr 2, 2010: Mass Closures of Public Schools, Promotion of Charters Raise Fears of Privatized Detroit Education System.


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  1. weilunion said, on April 11, 2010 at 8:20 PM

    You are so right! As to taxation without representation, this would be and should be a legal challenge brought by the National Lawyers Guild, of which I am a part. Contact them at their nearest office in your area for issues regarding possible injunctions and lawsuits.

    A suit has been brought against a New Jersey charter, yoou can see this at the site below.

    Please read for more each day and week on these issues!

    Thank you

    Dr. Danny Weil

  2. detroitteacher said, on April 11, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    Shared with permission from Tracy L. Arneau
    I sent you a website that explained how Detroit Public Schools were going to be dismantled as was done in Chicago . If you did not receive the email with the website I have included it for your review This same media entity, Democracy Now, broadcast live from Detroit , April 2nd. You should view this broadcast to further see what is going to be done in Detroit Public Schools

    My question regarding the dismantling of public schools is:

    Would the loss of the local school board which is voted in by the local residents/taxpayers cause this to become taxation without representationwithin the local schools/districts when the schools end up becoming chartered, as well as privatized, selecting the students that may attend, accepting public funding, with an appointed board?

    It also appears that teachers and teacher unions are under attack in other states as well. Here is another video that you may find extremely interesting. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is definitely about doing the same thing to teacher unions in his state

    Where else will this happen next? Please stay alert to what is happening to public education not only in Detroit but across the USA! How will the dismantling of public education affect the future of the children and those who teach them?

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