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Harsh discipline policies create “a human rights crisis” in Louisiana schools”

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on April 25, 2010

Pushed_Out_Report By Elizabeth Sullivan and Damekia Morgan

Excerpt from the Executive Summary:


“New Orleans and Louisiana public schools that impact

school climate, discipline and educational outcomes for

students. The report analyzes suspension and expulsion

data from the Louisiana Department of Education

from the 2007-2008 school year, the most recent data

available from the state. The report also analyzes data

obtained from the Recovery School District (RSD)

in New Orleans and the Orleans Parish Juvenile

Court. To document the perspectives of students and

parents, FFLIC and NESRI also conducted surveys

examines current policies and practices in16of 95 middle and high school students attending

public schools in the Recovery School District in the

2008-2009 school year, and interviewed parents and

advocates about their experiences with schools in

Louisiana. The data reveal a human rights crisis in

Louisiana schools.”


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  1. weilunion said, on April 25, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    The human rights problems created by zero-tolerance policies in Louisiana and elsewhere are testimonies to the fact that our culture and economic system is making our children mentally ill. The lack of any humanism, any institutions of caring and nurtuing co mbined with the cultural and psychological products of capitalism, from the video games to the TV shows are brutally transfdorming the mental landscape of childhood.

    Our children are angry now; less hopeful as they see a system that treats them as wastedisposal or at best, as exploitation for lage corporations or fodder for the military. They have no role models for sdeveloping human behavior and the authoriitarianism that is sweeping the nation finds them directly under the command and control of child molestors and abusers who administrate schools.

    The zero-tolerance policies need to be aimed at the ruthless direectors of capitalism, the thieves on Wall St., in Congress and in most forms of government. Seems Blackwater has no zeo-policies, the military killing civilians is tolerated, no ‘zero’ there.

    If we are to accept the brutal human rights violations conducted by the school to prison administrators then we accept dereacinated youth and the loss of young minds and bodies.

    It is time to take on the real bullies, the ones who run this decrepit system for their owns self gain while demonizing our kids and providing them with competetive Hobbsian choices.

    Louisiana is just one of many zones of childs torture and abuse. But it is notable for it is also the home of the chain gangs, which have now begun to resemble schools, cites of misery and despair.

    this will all backfire as more and more children do not go to school. They will not put up with the thuggish carceral policies of schools and the canned sardine curriculums. The MCD (mad cow curriculum) privatizers are going to find that corporate compulsaroy education will backfire as more and more children are forced to join gangs, live in the streets, choose homelessness, become criminals or end up in prisions.

    This is why we must dsevelop institutions of love and caring for our children. This and fight the powers that be.

    Danny Weil

    You can go to and go tto Author posts, find my name and click. There are more than fifty articles on this whole stinking mess.

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