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Detroit Metro Times Reports on Bobb’s Plans for the Future of DPS

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on October 13, 2010

Excerpt from this week’s MT Cover story by Sandra Svoboda:

“Faced with an admitted cumulative deficit of $332 million, Detroit Schools’ emergency financial manager is proposing a sweeping deal under which the state would forgive the school system’s debt in exchange for a complete overhaul of district operations and structure. He’s calling that Plan A.

The only alternative, according to documents drawn up by Robert Bobb for the state Department of Education, would be extensive cuts, including high school lecture classes of 62 students and the closure of 100 additional schools. That’s Plan B.”

Follow the link below for the full article:

The big deal – News & Views – Detroit Metro Times.

and the document outlining the plans:

To get an idea of what Bobb’s plans would do to DPS, look to New Orleans, where William Roberti,  a “special advisor” to Bobb “reformed” the public school system.  Read : New Orleans School Experiment Is Not Serving the Needs of All Students at  New Orleans Critique-Summary or The State of Public Schools in Post‐Katrina New Orleans: The Challenge of Creating Equal Opportunity at NEW_ORLEANS_FULL_REPORT


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