Defend Public Education

DFT Members: Vote for a New Leadership for Our Union! Elect the Defend Public Education/ Save Our Students caucus

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on October 16, 2010

Vote for a New Leadership
for Our Union!
Elect the Defend Public Education/
Save Our Students caucus
Vote in the schools November 22nd to 24th for DFT Officers & Executive Board

Education must be a Right—Our Children Are Not For Sale!
Save Dr. King’s Vision for America in Detroit!

Ø Save Public Education—Stop Union Busting, Arne Duncan and Robert Bobb Must Go Now
Ø End the State Takeover of DPS—Restore Full, Democratic Control of our District to the People of Detroit
Ø Student-Centered Education–Reduce Class Size
Ø Equip Teachers with Ample Supplies to Help Our Students
Ø Clean and Safe Facilities
Ø Increase Parent Involvement
Ø Unify the Teacher Contract–Full Rights for Every Teacher in Every School
Ø Keep Salaries Competitive
Ø Repeal the TIP
Ø Stop Targeting Teachers
Ø Repeal Negative Contract Agreements — Restore Sick Days and Benefits to All, Including Substitutes
Ø No Teach For America
Ø End “Race to the Top” Now—Release All Federal Funds to the States Based on Need
Ø Public Education must be Needs-Based — Stop Competing for Dollars
Ø Public Education is a Civil Right—Build the Movement to Defend It
Ø Stop Relying on the Politicians to Save Us
Ø All Our Students Can Learn and Excel—Reject High-Stakes Testing and Market-Economy-Based School Reform Plans
Ø No More Charters, No Vouchers
Ø Tax the Corporations and the Very Wealthy to Pay for Public Education and Public Sector Jobs
Ø Stop Teacher Bashing and Stop Targeting Teachers—Defend Our Union’s/Teachers’ Dignity, Ability and Character
Steve Conn for President
Christal Bonner for Executive Vice-President
Gena Porter for Vice-President
Deborah Fisher for Vice-President
Nicole Conaway for Treasurer
Heather Miller for Secretary

Watch speeches from the Candidates  at the AFT National convention at

Help Build the Campaign—call 313 645-9340
Paid for by Defend Public Education/Save Our Students


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