Defend Public Education


Posted in Uncategorized by Nicole Conaway on December 6, 2010

Judge Baxter rules that state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb does not have academic authority of Detroit Public Schools. Go BAMN!

“Clearly, this is a victory for the elected school board and for the democratic rights of the people of Detroit,” – Detroit News quoting Attorney for the school board and civil rights organization BAMN, Joyce Schon.

This decision restores the rights of the elected board and condemns the market-place paradigm of education pushed by Bobb and national “reform” programs like Race to the Top and the Renaissance 2010 model imposed in Chicago by Arne Duncan.

Read the full decision at:

Board President Anthony Adams has called a Special Meeting of the Board for tomorrow at 6 pm at the Welcome Center. They will discuss their future actions based on the ruling. Adams told the Detroit News that a review of the frequent testing of students will be an immediate focus and Board Member Carol Banks said that policies regarding special education also be taken up.


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