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Victory for the Teachers and Students of Detroit: Steve Conn elected DFT President

Posted in education, politics, union action by Nicole Conaway on January 21, 2015

Victory for Steve Conn and EON/BAMN in the Detroit Federation of Teachers—Victory for the New Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Educational Opportunity in Detroit

Teacher and Community Celebration and Action Rally: (1) to implement the democratic decision of the teachers and secure the inauguration of Steve Conn, and (2) to launch the new presidency and organizing campaign. Scheduled Tuesday, January 20 at 4:00pm, located at 7700 2nd Ave., Detroit.

In a courageous stand for hope and progress in Detroit, teachers elected Steve Conn as president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. This victory represents the initiation of a new period of civil rights struggle in Detroit, a bold challenge to the segregated and unequal conditions that have only worsened during the years of hostile takeovers. Fighting the ongoing trend of the decimation of the Detroit schools, the teachers are now poised more than ever before to defend the educational interests of the students, the teachers, and the entire city.


Steve Conn of Equal Opportunity Now/By Any Means Necessary caucus is sworn in as President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers

Statement by Steve Conn: “With great pride and urgency, I accept the mandate of the Detroit teachers to fight for the futures of our students and for the quality teaching and learning conditions that our city deserves. We will not accept the continued regime of deteriorating, second-class education. With the support of my fellow teachers, of our students, and our community, I believe that we can stand up for the real hope and progress that has long been denied. I believe that our impoverished city can have a bright future, because I know the great potential of the students I teach, and I know the deep compassion of the teachers with whom I work. My first action as president will be to organize a mass meeting—for Sunday, January 25—in response to the demand of members to hold such a meeting for teachers to discuss and vote on a program of action to rebuild the union and to save public education. Teachers are circulating petitions to call this historic meeting. I will work tirelessly to rebuild the Detroit Federation of Teachers, and to enable our union to stand up for the basic rights of our students and educators. The DFT ought to be a leading voice to champion the cause of educational opportunity, and as DFT president I pledge that our union will resolutely struggle for the resources and policies that our schools so desperately need.”


EON/BAMN Campaign literature


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